EzraGuitar was created by Classical Guitarist Maoz Ezra in 2003.  It started off as a challenge, to figure out how to start teaching children from the age 4 and get them to truly connect and feel satisfaction from playing the guitar.  Over the next 5 years Maoz worked to develop and refine a program that would not only introduce kids to the guitar, but would lay the foundation of a strong love and connection to music as well as deep roots in musicianship and technique.   In 2008 EzraGuitar was launched in Brooklyn, NY with about 18 kids enrolled.  We then began teaching in several public school after school programs in Brooklyn, Manhattan and even Westchester and Orange Counties.  Over the last 7 1/2 years we have now grown to having a steady enrollment of about 250 to 300 students per year and we continue to grow.  In addition, Maoz has trained other guitarists in his method, so we now have currently 8 teaching artist on our faculty; some of the best classical guitarists on the scene today.

As this program has grown, with it our mission to provide the highest level of guitar instruction possible never ceases to strengthen.  The amazement and joy of each student’s first concert; the pride and accomplishment they feel as they perform their first Villa Lobos etude, the fun of working together and sharing the stage with their incredible teachers; all of these milestones are what inspire us each day to continue to develop and shape this program into a place where students can grow from seeds to flowers.  Where they can nurture their love and curiosity of music and let it grow into anything they can imagine.

Our Guitar Program is divided into several parts: Group Guitar Classes, Private Lessons, *Ensemble Classes and *Guitar Orchestra (*starting this year!)

Since opening our official STUDIO in 2014, we have now added additional arts programming that caters to everyone from Birth to Adults. Read below for a listing of all of our programs!

The goal is to make beautiful music and enjoy the road getting there!  We hope you will enjoy our programming!  We look forward to meeting you!

Musically Yours,

The Ezra Family (Maoz, Leilah, Daphna & Sahara)


Our group classes are the core of the EzraGuitar method.  These classes are built on the philosophy of Maoz Ezra, that music should be taught in the “language of children” and tailored to their natural abilities.
By studying with this method and philosophy, it is our goal that children will connect to music making in a natural and organic way.
Through creative games and ensemble work, children will leave each lesson with a sense of accomplishment and musical knowledge that will remain with them as a foundation for any future musical endeavors.


-We teach small group lessons for children ages 4-7 years old.
-Melody & Rhythm: through a mix of repertoire including, classical, folk, children’s songs, rock, jazz, contemporary and original compositions, students will learn to play music, not only exercises.
-Reading music: Through our unique method children will learn to recognize, know and master the notes in a range of four octaves.
-Ensemble work: From the beginning children will be learning to play in an ensemble. This group work puts emphasis on listening with sensitivity and working together.
-Performance: At least twice a year students will perform in a concert. Performance is a major part of studying music, it teaches the student about building self confidence and the joy of sharing music.


For older students and those who would like to continue their studies and move on to more advanced levels, we offer private lessons.  Private lessons allow the teacher to dive further into the details and intricacies of the music and the instrument.  Students will learn advanced technique, advanced repertoire, about musical interpretation, harmony, sight reading; all the skills needed to become an informed and well rounded musician.
Private students will also perform 2 to 3 times each year in our Student Recitals.


For students in grades 3 & up who already have a basic level of guitar technique, can read music and are ready to move on the next level. In this class students will be grouped into quartets based on their level.  The goal of the class is to deepen their level of musicianship, knowledge of the history of the guitar and of musical traditions, intro to composition and chamber music.  This class will then develop into a guitar orchestra; where all of the groups will come together to play as a whole.  This course is in addition to private lessons.


For Babies & Toddlers: Musical Story Time, Arts & Crafts, Shalom Shishi, Family Concerts and Parties!

For Kids in K-2: After School Arts Enrichment Program (with pick up from PS 217 & PS 139)

Teens (coming soon!): Classes in Theatre, Visual Art, Percussion and Creative Writing

Adults: Group Guitar Classes, Private lessons, Masterclasses, Arts Workshops, Concerts


More details and programs always coming soon!  so stay in touch!

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