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EzraGuitar is a guitar program designed to plant the seeds of a genuine joy and love of music making for life! Our courses begin teaching children as young as 4 years old and develop all the way to professional levels for teens and adults.  All teaching is rooted in the method and philosophy of Classical Guitarist Maoz Ezra, which believes in breaking the complexities of studying the guitar down into simple steps in order for students to feel a sense of accomplishment and organic connection to the process of becoming a musician. 

Guitar 6th-12th Grade

Private Guitar Lessons offered to 6th-12thth Grade In-studio & In-Home / 30 minutes (in-studio only)/45 minutes (studio & home) /60 minutes (studio & home)

$ See pricing details / 32 or 40 lessons

Sept-June or Sept-August

Weekdays & Weekends Available / Placement based on your availability and studio availability

Private lessons allow the teacher to dive further into the details and intricacies of the music and the instrument. Students will learn advanced technique, advanced repertoire, about musical interpretation, harmony, sight reading; all the skills needed to become an informed and well rounded musician. Private students will also perform 2 to 3 times each year in our Student Recitals. Lessons are available in our Brooklyn Studio or in your home (current neighborhoods we are doing home visits in are: in Manhattan: Upper West Side & Chelsea, in Brooklyn: Park Slope, BoCoCa, Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Heights. Other neighborhoods are possible; we will review each case to ensure reasonable travel time for our faculty members.

Conservatory Track

By Invitation Only Group Lower Conservatory Classes Combined with Private Lessons 2nd-5th Grade / Limited to 4 to 6 Participants / 60 minute classes

$ See pricing details


Weekdays & Weekends Available / Placement based on students level, studio recommendation, your availability and studio availability

The Conservatory Track Program is open to students in grades 3 to 12 by invitation only. All students must be enrolled in Private lessons as well in order to participate. The program is divided into 2 divisions, a lower division for students in grades 3-5 and an upper division for grades 5-12. The lower division meets weekly for a 1 hour class which begins the introduction of music theory, history and explores multiple genres of music from around the world through ensemble work. The upper division meets twice a month for a 3 hour session where they will have classes in Music Theory, Improvisation and Guitar Ensemble.

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