Thank you for Registering with EzraGuitar!

We are so THRILLED to have you join us for the 2020-21 Season!!!
Season 13 of EzraGuitar!!!!!
What happens NEXT!?
We will be processing your registration form, going over all of your class selections, scheduling options etc, and figuring out the best way to honor all of your requests!
If you requested a payment plan, your payments will be processed in 5 equal installments beginning on September 15, 2020-January 15, 2021.
IF you are a new student, we will be reaching out to you to go over your guitar & materials needs and also to schedule a short “meet and greet” video consultation to decide on the best lesson length for our smallest students, show you how to be set up for your online lessons and any other questions you may have!
Needed Materials for this season:
Since we are ONLINE for this year, here is a list of materials that you will need for your lessons and classes. If you do NOT have any of these items, you will be able to either purchase them through us OR we will be able to direct you where to find them.
Footstool & Music Stand (for ALL Guitar Students)- Basic Starter Kit available through EzraGuitar
Tuner (digital-easiest for kids (available through EG) OR Guitar tuner app)
Percussion “Box”- Package of instruments that will be tailored for each percussion class- Sold through EzraGuitar (details will be sent out once classes are registered)​​
A good external mic or mic+camera (optional, but can make lessons much more comfortable- we will send out specific model recommendations)
A proper sized chair for guitar students- The student should be able to touch their feet to the ground while seated with a straight back at the front edge of the chair. Lessons should not be done while sitting on soft furniture or while seated on the floor (ie: NO: fluffy couches, beds or beanbag chairs etc)
Thank you very much! We can’t wait to get started!!!
Contact us anytime!
[email protected] OR 718-434-2103
EzraGuitarThank you for Registering with EzraGuitar!