“Two things can be true at once.” This hasn’t been easy. We’ve all seen challenges. And, as a collective we have risen to find the best in ourselves. At the forefront, we are inspired to do the best we can for our young people to make up for valuable, lost experiences that are thoughtful, creative, active and fully engaging! More and more of the families in our music community are sending us their feedback and support! This means everything to us. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!


Yesterday my wife walked into the room and said “Of all of the virtual activities that our kids are participating in, EzraGuitar comes out on top.” The proof is in the pudding. The kids are really engaged in the lessons and enrichment activities. We have seen their skills improving before our eyes and they are rehearsing more than ever. They are also producing great work from enrichment activities.We just want to give you that feedback, you guys are knocking it out of the park and we are so happy to be a part of the program. Best wishes and health for all!

I just also want to say a huge thank you to all of you and to the amazing teachers who continue to have lessons with the kids every week. She is so excited about seeing her friends and having these lessons. It’s very comforting to her that these lessons continue.

EzraGuitar programs are the high point of our long days! Many thanks to staff and administration for their tireless efforts to provide dynamic remote programming in a very challenging time! Bravo!

We are impressed with Ezra’s ability to move guitar and rhythm classes to an online format, and our son is still loving and learning from his lessons. We’re grateful to Ezra for providing this structure and continuity!

Our Daughter can’t wait till Monday for Guitar & Percussion online class!! Gerardo & Ethan are wonderful teachers! Thanks for bringing this to our home!!

Oh, and this one from Jump and Jam with Ethan. It was so sweet, and Ethan did an amazing job of keeping the kids organized and taking turns – no small feat with a group of young kids with drums!

She had a great time clowning around! It really gave her such happiness to see her friends. Thanks!

You are the magic. I have been on zoom calls for 2 weeks straight with adults and haven’t seen that level of engagement. Thank you and miss you!

Thank you.  She is very shy on camera and I think she gets upset because she can’t see her friends, but please know you are resonating with the kids and making an impact.  She loves playing conductor now!  Have a wonderful day.

Thanks so much for sharing! She has a blast doing this and seeing all her friends. We really appreciate the fun in these strange times.

Thank you so much for the constant communication and the transparent relaying of plans as we all move to this current state of life for the foreseeable future.

Thank you for keeping some kind of sanity in all this chaos!

Thank you so much for the constant communication and the transparent relaying of plans as we all move to this current state of life for the foreseeable future

Thanks. He is looking forward to the conservatory class. Thank you for keeping things up and running. Really great of you!

My son had a wonderful time. I thought your class plan was excellent. He was really pleased with what he made and we thought it was beautiful too!

Thank you! We were all really happy to see you!! The session was a great start. Hope you are well. please be safe. We wish you the best during these uncertain times

Your teachers are amazing, we are so grateful!