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EzraGuitar is a guitar program designed to plant the seeds of a genuine joy and love of music making for life! Our courses begin teaching children as young as 4 years old and develop all the way to professional levels for teens and adults.  All teaching is rooted in the method and philosophy of Classical Guitarist Maoz Ezra, which believes in breaking the complexities of studying the guitar down into simple steps in order for students to feel a sense of accomplishment and organic connection to the process of becoming a musician. 

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Kids Group Guitar

EzraGuitar is a guitar program designed to give kids the opportunity to study with some of the greatest classical guitarists in the country while using a method of learning designed especially for them.  Our group classes are the core of the EzraGuitar method.  These classes are built on the philosophy of Maoz Ezra, that music should be taught in the “language of children” and tailored to their natural abilities.  By studying with this method and philosophy, it is our goal that children will connect to music making in a natural and organic way.  Through creative games and ensemble work, children will leave each lesson with a sense of accomplishment and musical knowledge that will remain with them as a foundation for any future musical endeavors.


  • We teach small group lessons for children in grades Pre K- 1 (kids are grouped according to age & level, the course is cumulative.)
  • Melody & Rhythm: through a mix of repertoire including, classical, folk, children’s songs, rock, jazz, contemporary and original compositions, students will learn to play music, not only exercises.
  • Reading music: Through our unique method children will learn to recognize, know and master the notes in a range of four octaves.
  • Ensemble work: From the beginning children will be learning to play in an ensemble. This group work puts emphasis on listening with sensitivity and working together.
  • Performance: At least twice a year students will perform in a concert. Performance is a major part of studying music, it teaches the student about building self confidence and the joy of sharing music.

Private Lessons

For older students (2nd grade and up, teens and adults) and those who would like to continue their studies and move on to more advanced levels, we offer private lessons.  Private lessons allow the teacher to dive further into the details and intricacies of the music and the instrument.  Students will learn advanced technique, advanced repertoire, about musical interpretation, harmony, sight reading; all the skills needed to become an informed and well rounded musician.
Private students will also perform 2 to 3 times each year in our Student Recitals.

Lessons are available in our Brooklyn Studio or in your home (current neighborhoods we are doing home visits in are: in Manhattan: Upper West Side & Chelsea, in Brooklyn: Park Slope, BoCoCa, Brooklyn Heights, Prospect Heights.  Other neighborhoods are possible; we will review each case to ensure reasonable travel time for our faculty members.

Conservatory Track

The Conservatory Track Program is open to students in grades 3 to 12 by invitation only.  All students must be enrolled in Private lessons as well in order to participate.  The program is divided into 2 divisions, a lower division for students in grades 3-5 and an upper division for grades 5-12.  The lower division meets weekly for a 1 hour class which begins the introduction of music theory, history and explores multiple genres of music from around the world through ensemble work.  The upper division meets twice a month for a 3 hour session where they will have classes in Music Theory, Improvisation and Guitar Ensemble.  The course will culminate in a final concert featuring both students and faculty performing everything from solos, quartets and large ensemble works.

The goal of this program is to give our young guitarists the education and experience needed to have choices in their musical life.  To give them the ability to decide if they want to be a professional classical guitarist; playing on stage with the world’s best orchestras, to be jamming in night clubs, playing with rock bands, busking in the park for extra cash when they’re in college or just enjoying the beauty of making music in their own home.  They can do it all and more; we just need to give them the tools.  The Conservatory Track will give them training in all styles of music, theory and develop their ability to improvise and compose music.  Most importantly though; it is an opportunity to work creatively as a team; to share and grow their love of music together with their peers and that is where in the magic lies.

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