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EzraGuitar is a program designed to plant the seeds of a genuine joy and love of music making for life! Our courses begin teaching children as young as 4 years old and develop all the way to advanced levels for tweens, teens and adults. In addition to our core guitar lessons, EzraGuitar offers a diverse menu of Enrichment Classes and programs during afternoon hours, weekends and summer to further develop musicianship, artistry and a true sense of collaboration in the arts community.

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“Two things can be true at once.” This hasn’t been easy. We’ve all seen challenges. And, as a collective we have risen to find the best in ourselves. At the forefront, we are inspired to do the best we can for our young people and ADULTS too, to make up for valuable, lost experiences that are thoughtful, creative, active and fully engaging! We have an online Fall program deserving of them!

Dear Friends,
We extend our very best wishes to you in this very difficult time and hope you remain safe, healthy, supported in every way possible, and that you and your children have every opportunity to thrive!!!
With thanks to the incredible support of our community, our teachers, our students of 12+ years, brand new students, their families and our followers, within days of pulling the gate down on our studio on March 13th, we reemerged and reconnected from our living rooms to yours. It’s humbling and inspiring to have the opportunity to continue to teach under these circumstances. The support we have been shown, the belief you have in us has kept our doors opened while our gates are down. It’s working!
FALL!…hmm…we are all uncertain what Fall and the remainder of the academic year will truly look like…As a music and arts enrichment program that serves over 500 families…We have decided to err on the side of caution, putting the safety and health of our faculty, staff, students, families and greater community above all. We have decided to take the program we have built over twelve glorious years and adapt it to an online platform so that our students can to continue to exercise their minds, flex their creative muscles, have structure in their days, and a sense of normalcy!! We don’t feel stifled by what we can’t do, we are embracing what we CAN do with the technology at our fingertips. When the time comes that we can safely meet in person again, we will BE THERE! We can’t WAIT! For now, the show must go on, so let’s make music!!
With Love & Music to all of you!!
Leilah & Maoz Ezra
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