Advanced Music Training

The Conservatory Track Program is open to students in grades 3 to 12 by invitation only. All students must be enrolled in Private lessons as well in order to participate. The program is divided into 2 divisions, a lower division for students in grades 3-5 and an upper division for grades 5-12. The lower division meets weekly for a 1 hour class which begins the introduction of music theory, history and explores multiple genres of music from around the world through ensemble work. The upper division meets twice a month for a 3 hour session where they will have classes in Music Theory, Improvisation and Guitar Ensemble.

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The course will culminate in a final concert featuring both students and faculty performing everything from solos, quartets and large ensemble works. The goal of this program is to give our young guitarists the education and experience needed to have choices in their musical life. To give them the ability to decide if they want to be a professional classical guitarist; playing on stage with the world’s best orchestras, to be jamming in night clubs, playing with rock bands, busking in the park for extra cash when they’re in college or just enjoying the beauty of making music in their own home. They can do it all and more; we just need to give them the tools. The Conservatory Track will give them training in all styles of music, theory and develop their ability to improvise and compose music. Most importantly though; it is an opportunity to work creatively as a team; to share and grow their love of music together with their peers and that is where in the magic lies.

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