Choose your EzraGuitar 9-12th Grade Program! Private online guitar lessons & Upper Conservatory Ensemble & Song Writing/Composition & Monthly Workshop/Masterclass Series + Add Electives for 9-12th Grade Student Music Enrichment: “Developing Musicality Through Theatre Arts” + “World Music Percussion: Private Drum Lessons!”

EzraGuitar has a faculty of some of the best classical guitarists of this generation!  They come to us from all corners of the earth and bring with them a passion for performance and dedication to passing their art on to the next generation.  Their success is our success and EzraGuitar’s mission is see both these artists and their students flourish!


Payment Plan Options for the Academic Year:

Pay In Full: One time payment made with a credit card or through electronic check- There are no fees associated with this plan. *See Refund Policy for more information.

Payment Plan with Electronic Checks:  Upon registration you will be charged 20% for your selected program & your registration fee (both of which are non refundable) Once your initial registration is received, your program selection will be reviewed and the remaining balance due will be divided into 5 equal payments, from September 15, 2020-January 15, 2021.  There will be NO fee for this plan.  In the event that your payment declines, you WILL be charged for any associated bank fees and you have 1 week to contact us to update your account.  After one week, an additional $25 late fee will be applied to your payment. If we do not hear from you to update your account after 2 weeks, then the student will not be able to attend classes until the payment is made.  Any classes missed during this period will not be able to be refunded or made up. *See Refund Policy for more information.

Payment Plan with a Credit Card: Upon registration you will be charged 20% for your selected program & your registration fee (both of which are non refundable) Once your initial registration is received, your program selection will be reviewed and the remaining balance due will be divided into 5 equal payments, from September 15, 2020-January 15, 2021.  There will be a 5% processing fee for this plan, based on the total amount of your selected program.  In the event that your credit card declines, you have 1 week to contact us to update your account.  After one week, a $25 late fee will be applied to your payment. If we do not hear from you to update your account after 2 weeks, then the student will not be able to attend classes until the payment is made.  Any classes missed during this period will not be able to be refunded or made up. *See Refund Policy for more information.


Refund Policies for ALL Classes:

Due to the unique nature of this Season’s  situation, we have updated our refund policies.  Our policies are always built with the goal of protecting both our teaching artists and students, to ensure that all are compensated for their commitments towards each other.  In the event that there are extenuating circumstances, EzraGuitar is always willing to work with you to come up with a mutually agreeable solution, taking into account fair treatment to all parties involved.  Since all classes are online, re-location is not considered an extenuating circumstance.  In addition, due to the circumstances surrounding the global pandemic and covid-19, EzraGuitar will do everything in its power to always provide ways to fulfill our programming promises to our students.  If a circumstance/force majeure arises where EzraGuitar cannot provide ways in which to fulfill its obligations, then EzraGuitar will do everything in its power to reimburse our clients for any services not provided.  However, as long as EzraGuitar has created sufficient ways to provide quality programming to fulfill its promises to our students, the following conditions will remain in place.

  1. Registration fee is NON refundable
  2. Any fees associated with your payment plan are NON refundable
  3. 20% of tuition is to be paid upon registration and is NON refundable
  4. IF a student pays in FULL, 80% of tuition may be refunded IF the student decides to drop classes BEFORE September 7, 2020. 
  5. Any DROPS between September 7, 2020 & January 15, 2021- the student will be responsible to pay for 75% of the tuition & any/all fees associated with their payment plan/late fees etc.
  6. IF you are on a payment plan & you decide to drop from your classes between September 7, 2020 & January 15, 2021, then you AGREE that your final payment will pay whatever balance is owed to complete the 75% tuition obligation and any associated fees. 
  7. AFTER January 15, 2021, there are no refunds for tuition.
  8. For any MID YEAR Registrations (16 lessons or less): Lines #1,2 & 3 shall be applied.  In ADDITION, If you decide to drop 1 WEEK PRIOR to your classes beginning, you will be refunded 80% of your tuition.  However, once classes have begun, there are no refunds for these plans.  IF you would like a payment plan for a Mid year enrollment, that will need to be discussed with EzraGutiar Administration to determine the best plan for you.  However, you AGREE that once classes have begun, you will be responsible for the full amount of tuition.

Policies Regarding Private Lessons: 

Cancellation Policy: Cancellations must be made at least 24 hours in advance in order to reschedule the lesson. If a lesson is canceled less than 24 hours in advance, then the lesson will be forfeited. The teacher is in no way obligated to make up or refund lessons that are canceled less than 24 hours in advance. Students are entitled to TWO make up lessons if enrolled in an Academic Year lesson plan or ONE make up lesson if enrolled in a 16 week semester lesson plan (as long as the lesson was canceled according to the EzraGuitar policy).  There are NO make up lessons for Summer Sessions or any package of LESS than 16 lessons.

How to Cancel a lesson: Please call your teacher directly for all cancellations or make ups or any alterations you need to make in your lesson scheduling.  If you leave a message, send a text or an email to your teacher; you must receive a response back from them to confirm that the lesson is officially cancelled.  The best way is always to call them; not everyone has the ability to check emails on their personal devices; so discuss with your teacher what their preferred method of communication is.

Tardiness: For Online & In Studio lessons:  If the student arrives late to a lesson, the teacher will only be responsible to teach the student until the end of their scheduled time.  The teacher will only be responsible to wait for a student until the halfway point of their scheduled lesson; after which they may leave and the lesson will be forfeited. IF the Teacher is late to a lesson, the teacher will either extend the lesson to make up for the time the same day, if possible, OR will schedule a makeup to give back the time at another date.  If you know that you will be running late, please use common courtesy and call your teacher to let them know of your situation, so that IF it is possible they can adjust the schedule to accommodate you, and/or other students.

Important for ONLINE Lessons: Please note that most of the time teachers are teaching students back to back, so there may be a small delay in your start time as the teacher ends the lesson with the prior student.  This “rhythm” will be established during the first few weeks of the semester.  THUS: if a teacher is a couple of minutes delayed in starting your lesson, please do not assume that they are not coming, either wait a couple of minutes and/or give them a call or text.  The same is visa versa: IF you are delayed in starting your lesson, the teacher will either text or call you to check in with you.  We understand that sometimes there are technical issues with this lesson format, so please, just make sure to communicate with your teacher and/or our administration if you have any questions or need help troubleshooting.  You will NOT be penalized for dealing with technical difficulties as long as you communicate them in a timely manner to your teacher 


Policies Regarding All Group Classes:

There are NO make up lessons for group classes unless the class has been canceled by EzraGuitar. If classes are canceled due to force majeure, EzraGuitar will make every effort to find a convenient date for the majority of the group to make up the lesson, but a make up cannot be guaranteed and thus will not be refunded in this circumstance.  Classes cannot be made up or refunded if an individual misses a lesson.

FOR ONLINE ENSEMBLE CLASSES: Since most of these classes will be met one on one with the instructor, they will be treated LIKE a private lesson and so adhere to the Private Lesson policies.  However, all group meetings will follow the above group lesson policy.


Attendance is a very important part of studying a musical instrument. By skipping lessons the integrity of the course of study is interrupted and makes it very difficult for the student to truly progress at a good rate. If a student misses more than 2 lessons in a semester it will be at the discretion of the teacher if he/she believes that the student is prepared well enough to perform in the end of semester concert. In addition, those enrolled in upper level ensemble courses and Master Class/Workshop series, attendance is mandatory. The concerts and master classes are a very important part of our curriculum and they should be a positive experience for the students. If the student is unprepared because of poor attendance, the performance will not be a good experience for them, and we want to minimize bad experiences as much as possible; our goal is that music should be associated with fun and joy.  Please understand that it is not a punishment if a student who misses class frequently is asked not to join the performance piece of the class, if the teacher feels that they are unprepared.  It is our goal that performance should be a positive experience for ALL who are involved, including the audience.  Thus we must take into consideration all of the students in the performance and honor their commitment and hard work.  We also do not want to put a student who is under prepared into an uncomfortable public performance situation. The goal is to teach students to approach performance with all of their heart, to feel confident and proud of what they are presenting and most importantly, to enjoy the experience!


ONLINE PRIVATE LESSONS: Families will receive 5% off additional family member’s tuition and only 1 registration fee per family ONLY on lesson packages of 32 lessons or more. The discount will be applied to the lesser of the two amounts.

Additional Group Classes:  At this time there are no discounts for additional Group classes


-Family discounts are ONLY available to those registering DIRECTLY through EzraGuitar.  If you are registering through your school or other institution, then any family discounts should be discussed directly with the administration of that specific program.

-Family Discounts can ONLY be applied to members of the same household. They canNOT be applied between friends.


All NEW  Elementary age Guitar students (PreK-5th) are provided with a lesson book which is included in your tuition.  If the book is lost, you must contact the studio for a replacement book. The cost for a replacement book is $15 and it can either be picked up from our Brooklyn Studio or mailed depending on your location.  Shipping cost will be added for mailed books.

For continuing Students, we will be sending some sheet music to you via email throughout the year; if you prefer to have this music/books printed and mailed to you there will be a $15 flat rate fee (up to 40 pages), which includes shipping cost.

For Students who will need specific scores (teachers will let you know what they are) if EzraGuitar has them available in stock, then you can either purchase them online to pick up in the Brooklyn Studio or we can mail them to you for an additional shipping fee (based on size & weight).


To contact the office:

Please call us at 718-434-2103 between the hours of 10am-6pm Mon- Friday.  Any messages left over the weekend will be answered the following business day.

If we do not answer PLEASE leave a message or send an email to: [email protected]

Please do not rely solely on email to communicate with us; the volume of emails is very high and we cannot guarantee the speed in which you will receive a response.  If you need to get in touch with us quickly please call.

  • It is such a great program that Maoz runs - amazing to see such great results so quickly!

    Emma, Parent at PS 199
  • Maoz Ezra's classes are very well structured. My son came home and 'performed' for our family after learning the "Old MacDonald" for the first time. This is after just a few 30 minute classes. Maoz is very patient and spends time individually with each child in the class. My son is really gaining a wealth of musical knowledge from this fabulous class!

    Jessica Walsh (Jessica’s son is six years old)
  • My daughter has grown up in EzraGuitar's After School since 2014. I couldn't be happier! I recommend any of their programs to friends!

    After School Mom

Guitar lessons for 9-12th Grade Students:

Duration: One, 45 or 60 minute private guitar lesson per week.
Term: Academic (32 Weeks) Sept-June (Rolling enrollment available)
Tuition: $2080 or $2,560 annually
Availability: Weekdays & Weekends Available / Placement based on students age & level, your availability and studio availability

Students will study proper technique, challenging and diverse repertoire, about musical interpretation, harmony, sight reading and more; all the skills needed to become an informed and well rounded musician. Private lessons allow the teacher to dive further into the details and intricacies of the music and the instrument. Students will also perform 2 times each year in our Student Recitals.

Add to your guitar program (recommended):

Upper Conservatory Ensemble Class: This class continues the journey into the world of Chamber Music!  Students will work on even more advanced multi-part ensembles, learn about music history, different genres of music and most importantly, learn to work as a musical team!  Since this class will be online, students will each get a weekly 20 min private lesson with the instructor to work on their individual parts and then come together either online or in person (depending on health guidelines) on a monthly basis to learn about the background of the composer, historical significance of the piece and more AND to rehearse together.  Final projects for each piece studied will consist of either a live recorded performance or an edited version with all parts being brought together. The goal is to continue to build on the previous studied skills and increase the level of difficulty according to the age and level of the students.  To put these techniques into practice will give our students the ability to be fully competent, competitive and diverse musicians; giving them the freedom to always “join in!” no matter the musical situation! $1280 annually
Song Writing/Arranging & Composition Class: This class is where students will take the next step in developing their critical musical skills!  They will continue to expand their musical vocabulary into the study of how to build music from the bottom up!  Learning how to write their own compositions, lyrics, how to improvise and accompany songs! In addition, they will also start to learn how to take music that they love (not written specifically for the guitar) and arrange it to be played on the guitar. $800 annually
Monthly Workshop/Masterclass Series!! (by recommendation): Students will participate in a monthly series of 8 Masterclasses and Workshops conducted by EzraGuitar faculty and guest artists from around the globe! Attendance is mandatory for all sessions, as each class will connect to the next.  This class is performance based, so students must be enrolled in private lessons to participate and the Upper Conservatory ensemble and Composition class is also highly recommended.  Students will be selected and assigned to play in particular Masterclasses based on evaluations from their teachers and the Artistic Director. $600 annually

In addition to our Guitar Conservatory classes, you can enjoy MANY of our fabulous enrichment classes!

  • ALL Enrichment classes meet for 32 weeks (September 2020-June 2021).
  • Theatre enrichment classes will have a mid year “Sharing” and an end of year Final project Performance/Viewing.
  • As with all EzraGuitar classes, attendance is extremely important and necessary to fully be able to participate in all major projects and performances.
  • ALL Theatre classes will have maximum of 6 to 8 students while we are meeting online, to ensure a high level of individual attention, engagement and productivity.
  • Percussion lessons are offered privately. 45 or 60 minute lessons weekly.
  • Students do not have to be enrolled in guitar lessons in order to participate in these classes.
Add on for 9-12th Grade Student Music Enrichment:

Developing Musicality Through Theatre Arts: This class works on developing musicality through the art of Theatre. Timing,” on stage is something that is mastered by understanding the unsung rhythm and melodies within the telling of a story. Kids will learn theatrical techniques/styles such as Commedia Dell’Arte, Mime, Clowning and more while paired with a wide array of musical styles from all genres. $800 annually.


World Music Percussion: Private Percussion Lessons – 45 or 60 minutes weekly. $2,080 or $2,560 annually. EzraGuitar’s percussion artists in residence have studied a wide variety of music from around the world so we can offer a wide range of percussion Instruments. Students can either focus on one area or cover multiple areas. Offerings:

  • Drum Set (Jazz, Rock, Funk, Fusion, Etc.)
  • West African Percussion (Djembe, Bells, Shakers)
  • Indian Percussion (Tabla, Kanjira, Vocal Percussion)
  • Middle Eastern Percussion (Frame Drums, Riqq, Dumbek)
  • Afro Cuban Percussion (Conga, Bongos, Bells, Shaker)
  • Classical Percussion (Snare Drum, Mallets)
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