Guitar Size Chart

We have guitars to match every size student!

This size chart is a guide to help you choose the best size. Just click on the illustration that corresponds to the age of the student and you will be directed to the appropriate size guitar.  All adult students should click on the “Adult Frog.”  However, we encourage you to come into the shop and let one of our experts properly size you, to make sure you get the best fit!


438mm Guitar (1/8)

Ages 3-5


560mm Guitar (1/4)

Ages 5-8

“Tadpoles with Legs”

580mm OR 590mm Guitar (1/2)

Ages 8-10

“Young Frogs”

615mm Guitar (3/4) OR 630mm (DOLCE Guitar)

Ages 10-12.

“Adult Frogs”

Full Size Guitar

Ages 11 and up

or 5 ft and taller

EzraGuitarGuitar Size Chart