Our Summer Conservatory is going ONLINE!

Offering the same popular classes with the same great teaching artists with a creative twist of technology!

You have choices!! For your K-2nd grade learner…Our full Program: Mon-Thurs 9am to noon for 2 straight weeks (offering 3/2 week sessions) OR private guitar lessons weekly throughout the Summer

“Two things can be true at once.” This hasn’t been easy. We’ve all seen challenges. And, as a collective we have risen to find the best in ourselves. At the forefront, we are inspired to do the best we can for our young people to make up for valuable, lost experiences that are thoughtful, creative, active and fully engaging! We have an online summer program deserving of them!

Dear Friends,
We extend our very best wishes to you in this very difficult time and hope you remain safe, healthy, supported in every way possible, and that your children have every opportunity to thrive!!!
With thanks to the incredible support of our community, our teachers, our students of 12+ years, brand new students, their families and our followers, within days of pulling the gate down on our studio on March 13th, we reemerged and reconnected from our living rooms to yours. It’s humbling and inspiring to have the opportunity to continue to teach under these circumstances. The support we have been shown, the belief you have in us has kept our doors opened while our gates are down. It’s working!
SUMMER!…hmm…we are all uncertain what summer will look like…As a music and arts enrichment program that serves a fair number of families each summer…we have had to make a decision. To err on the side of caution, putting the safety and health of our faculty, staff, students, families and greater community above all, we have decided to take the summer program we have built over five glorious years and adapt it to an online platform so that our children can to continue to exercise their minds, flex their creative muscles, have structure in their days, and a sense of normalcy!! We don’t feel stifled by what we can’t do, we are embracing what we can do with the technology at our fingertips. Here we are!! Let’s make music, and edit it with film and make art and use it in our production and make theatre and share it with you!
Please learn more below about how we plan to incorporate our guitar instruction, percussion, visual art, and theatre into an online program that will give your K-2nd grade child a real learning experience and also a community of friends to spend their time with, with teaching artists that will be fully engaged and invested in them “live” each and every day!

Full Conservatory Program Online! Three/Two week sessions – Join us for 2, 4 or 6 weeks of Summer Programming!

Session I: THE CARIBBEAN! July 6th–July 17th

Session II: GREECE! July 20th–July 31st

Session III: THE MIDDLE EAST! August 3rd–August 14th

This program meets 4 days per week, Mon-Thur from 9am to 12pm + 1 (20 minute) private guitar lesson to be scheduled in the afternoon each day.

EzraGuitar’s Summer Program is a celebration of artistic expression from around the world! This summer campers can choose to travel to THE CARIBBEAN, GREECE and THE MIDDLE EAST or all three! Each session explores the beautiful and unique music, theatre, art and folktales of each region.  Students receive daily: Guitar lessons, Theatre class, Visual art, and a lively World Music “Jump and Jam session!”

Our final performance will take place on the last Thursday of each session where we will invite parents, family and friends to join us on zoom for a final presentation of all of the children’s work during the program.  Some of it will be live and some of it will be prerecorded.

For kids Grades K*-2 (*Kindergarten age kids will most likely need more parent assistance than 1st & 2nd graders, but will absolutely be able to participate and enjoy all of the programming)

Tuition for 2 weeks: $640 + Art Materials Box*

An important thing to note about our online programming:  Your kids will be constantly engaged with our faculty members throughout all of the classes.  There will not be any pre-recorded videos or endless YouTube videos for them to be watching……our teachers will be “with” them the entire time, speaking with them and encouraging group interaction and collaboration.  The goal is to keep their imaginations active and to keep them excited about seeing their friends and teachers each day AND learning new and exciting artistic and creative skills!

The schedule will be the following (Each class will be lead by an EzraGuitar teaching artist, specifying in their field: actor/director, world music percussionist, visual artist, and classical guitarist)

9-9:15am- Meet and Greet! (Each day our teaching artists will rotate to welcome children to their day. Staff will read folktales from the region, set the stage with theme-based lessons on the country we are exploring together, share slide-shows to add context and color, with maps, local artists work, music performances and more!)

9:15-10am- Class 1

10:00-10:20am – Break for snack

10:20-11:05am- Class 2

11:05-11:20am – Break

11:20-12:05pm- Class 3

12pm – Break for lunch followed by a scheduled 20 minute private guitar lesson for each child each day

Each child in our program will receive their own Art Materials Box*

$30 for first box ($15 per box if you register for additional sessions) This box will be mailed to your home and will include everything your child will need to create beautiful projects with us!  The first box will include long lasting materials that will serve your child for all 6 weeks and beyond, as well as specific things for the projects of the session registered for.  Additional boxes will include the materials needed for the specific projects of each additional session you join us.

Private Guitar Lesson Only Option!

Choose a package of 8, 12 or 16 (30 min) private guitar lessons

8 lessons- $400

12 lessons- $600

16 lessons- $800

For our youngest kids (K/1) depending on your child’s attention span, we can split lessons into 2 (15 min) sessions 2 days per week.  This will make sure the kids are fully engaged for the full session and meeting twice a week gives them an opportunity to have more consistency and reinforcement of skills!

For 2nd Graders- 30 min lessons 1 or 2 times a week are a perfect introduction to private lessons!

Registration is Now Open!

Each session explores the beautiful and unique music, theatre, art and folktales

This Summer travel with us to

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summer 7
Make Beautiful Art with Us!
summer 38
mask plaster (2)
Our backyard expands our work space
summer 21
A Lively World Music "Jump & Jam" Class Each Day!
summer 39
Youth Division
Building costume pieces, sets and stories for our end-of-session performances
ruby new
Guitar lessons everyday all summer long when you join us for all 6 weeks!
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Setting The Stage
summer 22
Collaborative art projects based on each summer themes
summer 20
Guitar students grouped by level and age
summer 19
summer 17
Beginner level students getting hooked on guitar all summer long!
summer 5
Lots of one on one attention
summer 15
summer 14
Working with our hands!
Sewing, painting, paper mache, mask making, the list goes on and on...
summer 11
Our youngest guitar students start at 4 years old
summer 6
summer 2
music lab
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summer 44
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summer 37
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