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In 2008, EZRAGUITAR Co-Founders, Maoz Ezra, Israeli born, renowned Classical Guitarist and Leilah Dione  Ezra, classically trained , New York based Soprano , opened their guitar conservatory in Brooklyn, NY with a clear mission to provide the highest level of CLASSICAL GUITAR training to children as young as 4 years old to adults and professional levels. The goal being to teach music in a way that follows the natural curiosity of the student, to develop a deep and true love of creating and sharing the art of classical guitar. 

After 12 years in New York, Maoz and Leilah have relocated to Israel with their two daughters to plant their roots, raise their family and open an Israeli Branch of EzraGuitar. 

In New York, their Guitar School is thriving,. In 2019/20, serving over 450 students combined in teaching residencies in nine New York City public schools, and a large private studio, an Arts Enrichment After School Program; Conservatory level ensemble courses for advanced students, and a faculty recital series aimed to feature our incredible  faculty of teaching artists.

In the 2020/21 Season, EzraGuitar has one of the largest, most prestigious classical guitar faculties in the United States.,comprised of some of the best classical guitarists, theatre artists, and percussionists of this generation, from all corners of the world, bringing with them an intense passion for performance and dedication to passing their art on to the next generation.  Their success is our success and EzraGuitar’s mission is see both artists and students flourish. 

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