EzraGuitar at PS 889!

Classes begin on Monday, September 16th! Registration is still open! Enrollment is available to all PS 889 Students, including those also enrolled in NIA or Kids Orbit!

EzraGuitar After School is BACK at PS 889 for the 2019/20 School Year!

Registering NOW for MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS and THURSDAYS! Offering Ezraguitar Group Guitar classes and even more of our popular Collaborative Arts classes: With two classes each day, students will have the opportunity to deepen their artistic education and explore music through a variety of angles: including EzraGuitar’s Group Guitar instruction and a world music percussion class (Thursdays), two fabulous theatre classes, each offering unique approaches to theatre arts, our “Sing out for Peace” class, which celebrates musical heroes who have raised awareness around issues of our precious environment and social justice, as well as our brand new “Music Lab” class, lead by Jinky Nogales, which explores music, art and the creative world around us through a scientific lens! Year-long classes give kids a rich and diverse arts education experience that is shared in an end-of-the-year showcase!

Options for 3, 2 or 1 day per week for the full year. Early session: 2:30 to 4:00pm and Late Session 4:00 to 5:30pm

Enrollment is open to all PS 889 Students (including those also in NIA or Kids Orbit) See full details on our registration page!


“Jump & Jam” & “Sing out for Peace”

Jump & Jam

World Music Percussion Class-  In this class students will work together as a band/ensemble using a variety of instruments and children’s stories from around the world to explore music from a wide variety of styles and cultures.  Imagine everything from Bossa Nova to Indian Ragas, from Calypso to Funk!

Sing out for Peace

In this class students will learn the music and stories of musical heroes such as Pete Seeger and Ella Jenkins, among others, who used the power of music; by ways of voices, instruments, folktales and movement, to bring people together, raise awareness about protecting our planet and countless other social justice issues.  These heroes valued the voices and power of children to bring about change in our world, and we hope through this class that students will learn to recognize their power and use their voices to do great things!


“Acting a Symphony!” & “Music Lab”

Acting a Symphony

Inspired by Disney’s movie Fantasia from 1940 and fundamental theatre techniques, in this class students will let the music of the world’s greatest stages propel their imaginations to devise theatrical performances based on what they hear, based on how they feel from what they hear….based on the collective story of their imaginations colliding together!

Music Lab

Music Lab with Jinky Nogales:  In this class students will explore music, art and the creative world around us through a scientific lens!  We will use S.T.E.A.M concepts, recycled materials, batteries and more for this creative journey! 


“Group Guitar” & “Clowning Around”

Group Guitar

EzraGuitar is a guitar program designed to give kids the opportunity to study with some of the greatest classical guitarists of this generation, while using a method of learning designed especially for them. Our group classes are the core of the EzraGuitar method. These classes are built on the philosophy of Maoz Ezra, that music should be taught in the “language of children” and tailored to their natural abilities. By studying with this method and philosophy, it is our goal that children will connect to music making in a natural and organic way. Through creative games and ensemble work, children will leave each lesson with a sense of accomplishment and musical knowledge that will remain with them as a foundation for any future musical endeavors! (1st of 2 classes)

Students will need their own guitar for class. Click below for EzraGuitar’s full line of high quality, fractional sized guitars for children, our unique return policies, and guitar upgrade services for EG students.

Clowning Around

In this class students will explore the music found within language and movement.  “Timing,” on stage is something that is mastered by understanding the unsung rhythm and melodies within the telling of a story.  We will use theatrical styles and methods such as Commedia dell’arte, Mime, Clowning, Improv, Shakespeare and more! Great theatre is achieved when all players work in concert with each other to create a phenomenal symphony of emotion and drama!

Meet Our 889 Guitar Faculty and Collaborative Arts Staff!

Tamara Sevunts

Tamara Sevunts is a multilingual actress who hails from Montreal, Canada, and is now based in NYC. Off-Broadway credits include: The Good Girl (E59E Theatres), Loose Canon(SoHo Playhouse). Regional credits include: World Premiere of Douglas Carter Beane’s Fairycakes (Moth), Twelfth Night (Feste), Measure for Measure (Angelo) with the Scranton Shakespeare Festival. Film credits: The Real American (NYTVF, Atlanta Film Festival, Listapad International Film Festival), Larchmont, Cigarette Pact, You Can’t Go Home Again, Tale

Ethan Fox

Ethan Fox is a New York City based musician and educator. Ethan is an active performer of Indian Classical music and a faculty member of the Chhandayan Center for Indian Studies in Manhattan. He regularly performs with ensembles of various musical styles including Central Asian, Jazz, Western Classical, Afro Cuban and Ghanaian musics. Ethan is

Julia Cavagna

Julia is a movement based actress, clown and performer from Argentina. Her specialization is in Physical and Poetical Theater. She has worked with a variety of international theater companies and has performed on an equal range of stages around the world, including recently performing in PARSIFAL and ELEKTRA at the Met Opera. Julia is one

Stelios Michas

Inspired by the infinite sonic possibilities of the guitar, Stelios’ activities range from contemporary music to classical guitar with a strong focus on improvisation. Equally committed to the nylon as well as the electric guitar he combines elements of both worlds in his sound.  His guitar has gotten him from playing dive bars & sticky basements to accompanying

Benjamin Rosenthal

Benjamin Rosenthal Singer-Songwriter and Drummer comes from Mamaroneck New York. He learned to read music and perform on saxophone in his school band at the age of 9. By the age of 14 he was drumming in the punk rock band Zombie Squad and recording and performing professionally at all ages in venues in New York City, Westchester, and Connecticut.

Jinky Nogales

Jinky Nogales: EzraGuitar Collaborative Arts Faculty, Music Lab A previous middle and high school science teacher, Jinky Nogales joins EzraGuitar as one of their educators.  She blends her love for science and the arts with her passion for working with and teaching children. She believes that science is an art and art is a science.  

Claudio Paciocco

Claudio Paciocco is an Italian classical guitarist based in New York City. He began the study of classical guitar at very young age with Rosario Caida Greco and he continued his studies with Sandro Torlontano graduating with honors from the Conservatory Umberto Giordano in Foggia (Italy). Admitted at the prestigious International Guitar Academy of Koblenz (Germany)

EzraGuitarEzraGuitar at PS 889!