EzraGuitar Kids Group Guitar Classes at Congregation Beth Elohim

in Partnership with CBE Kids!

EzraGuitar is a guitar program designed to give kids the opportunity to study with some of the greatest classical guitarists in the country while using a method of learning designed especially for them.    Our group classes are the core of the EzraGuitar method.  These classes are built on the philosophy of Maoz Ezra, that music should be taught in the “language of children” and tailored to their natural abilities.

By studying with this method and philosophy, it is our goal that children will connect to music making in a natural and organic way.

Through creative games and ensemble work, children will leave each lesson with a sense of accomplishment and musical knowledge that will remain with them as a foundation for any future musical endeavors.

** Students will need their own guitar for class.  EzraGuitar has for purchase a full line of high quality guitars that are sized especially for children.  We offer unique return policies and upgrade services and starter kit packages special for our students.  To order instruments just give us a call, come into the shop or place your order directly on our website.  Students will need an appropriately sized nylon string classical guitar.  Please consult with us before purchasing an instrument on your own.

EzraGuitarEG Kids Group Guitar @ CBE Kids