The Conservatory Track Division pilots this January as a monthly meet-up, invitation only program

Students participating this season have been selected based on EzraGuitar teacher recommendations; this program is not open to all students

The Ensemble will perform in a final concert alongside faculty on Sunday, May 21st

The performance will be open to the public

Tickets on sale soon

What is The EzraGuitar Conservatory?

The EG Conservatory is for students who want to dive deeper into their musical studies.  We will work on all aspects of musicianship including composition, learn about different styles and their unique techniques, the evolution of the guitar through history and how to play in an ensemble.  This program will prepare students to be confident, competitive and proficient musicians; giving them the skills to go as far as they wish in the music world.

The Conservatory Division of EzraGuitar

A two hour Saturday intensive music program open to select students of a high skill level and level of commitment.
For our winter 2017 pilot program, students are admitted by invitation only. Selected students are currently receiving weekly private lessons with EzraGuitar faculty. This program will augment their studies with conservatory level classes such as theory and ear training, composition, and chamber music. Regular attendance is required.
Performance is an important element of the conservatory track program. Students will perform in a final concert alongside EzraGuitar faculty on Sunday, May 21st. This performance will be open to the public.
The curriculum of the Conservatory Division has been devised to satisfy a competitive and thorough musical education. Our goal is to provide students with a robust “toolbox” of knowledge that will allow them to pursue music in any way they can imagine.
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