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4×4 Music off Road Concert Series, presented by EzraGuitar Faculty Artists and Friends

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4X4 Music Off Road! Live @ The Redstage @ EzraGuitar on Sunday, January 26th at 4PM

The EzraGuitar Conservatory, now celebrating its 12th Anniversary, is pleased to present 4X4 Music Off Road, the second in a concert series by the EzraGuitar faculty. It features renowned classical guitarists Nancy Goudinaki, Stelios Michas and Joseph Douglass, faculty members at EzraGuitar, and actress, Julia Cavagna. Come to experience some of the greatest musicians of this generation as they take you on a musical journey, off road!

January 26th at The RedStage

4×4 Music off Road ~ Faculty and Friends Concert Series

Sunday, January 26, 2020 – 4pm @ The Red Stage at EzraGuitar, Brooklyn, NY

4×4 Music off Road

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Featuring EzraGuitar Faculty Guitarists: Stelios Michas, Nancy Goudinaki, Joseph Douglass and actress, Julia Cavagna 


Sunday, March 22, 2020– 4pm @ The Howland Cultural Center, Beacon, NY

4×4 Music off Road 

Tickets Available

Featuring EzraGuitar Faculty Guitarists: Adam Bilchik, Claudio Paciocco, Gerardo Miranda, Percussionist: Ethan Fox, and actress, Tamara Sevunts

Sunday, May 17, 2020 Brooklyn, NY
Conservatory Student/Faculty Recital 

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Featuring select upper level EzraGuitar students and Faculty Guitarists: Adam Bilchik, Anna Mnich, Maoz Ezra and Andy Mines


EzraGuitar 2020 Master Series

Two dates in the series at The Red Stage at EzraGuitar Brooklyn, NY

February 1st – Master Class with Vladislav Blaha

Tickets Available

May 16th – Master Class with Dimitris Kotronakis 12pm – Concert, followed by lunch, followed by 2-4pm Master Class

Ticket Options Include: 12pm – Solo Concert featuring Dimitris Kotronakis, followed by Lunch with the Master Class from 2-4pm or the Master Class alone from 2-4pm. Tickets for both options available here
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