After School Arts Enrichment

After School Arts Enrichment @ EzraGuitar Studio!


Monday-Friday for the entire school year (we follow the DOE calendar, choose either 5, 3 or 1 day per week!) pick up is at 5:30pm with the option to add an “Extended day Lesson” (in either art or theatre) until 6pm.


Kids in Kindergarten to 4th grade for this year (we grow as the kids grow)

What: Kids enjoy a rich and diverse arts education experience.  Each day they will focus in on a different aspect of art that through collaborative projects, will all collide together to form 3 showcases during the year and 1 major year long production.  This year, students will be writing, producing, performing and building all of their own props, sets and costumes for an exploration of the theme “Masks & Mime”!

Classes will include: The ART of Science (STEAM), Visual Art, Percussion, Theatre and of course GUITAR!

2 Snack breaks are built into the afternoon between classes (kids provide their own)


Walking pick up from PS 139 & PS 217


Our faculty is made up of all professional artists and educators.  Your children will be taught by professionals in their fields, whose goal in life is to create and share art with the world; and who understand that educating the next generation is the only way that the arts will survive!

Our mission is to give children a space to let their imaginations run wild! Then, to find ways of harnessing their ideas and turning them into forms that can be experienced by all of us; through visual art or music or theatrical expression or maybe in a way that we haven’t thought of yet!  Most important though; our studio is a place of friendship and collaboration; where every voice is invited to sing and every voice is celebrated! We hope you will join us!

How do I register? There are still a few spots remaining!  

Give us a call @ 718-434-2103 and we will send you all of the information about tuition (payment plans are available) and any other questions you have!


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