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Summer Guitar Lesson Packages Enrolling Now for all ages! Weekly and bi-weekly lessons are being offered July 10th to September 1st/in a package of 6 or 12 lessons

SUMMER CAMP & INTENSIVE EARLY BIRD SPECIAL Expires MARCH 31st! (Register and receive $90 OFF your 3rd week of Pre-K-5th Grade Camp or the Middle & High School intensive program)! 

Group & Private Guitar Lessons (In-Studio & In-Home) for Early Childhood, Youth & Adults, Holiday Break Programs, EG Conservatory Classes, And, After School Arts Enrichment at EG Studio!

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Born in 2008

EZRAGUITAR Founders Maoz and Leilah Ezra, opened their guitar conservatory in Brooklyn, NY with a clear mission to provide the highest level of CLASSICAL GUITAR training to children as young as 4 years old

It Worked!

EZRAGUITAR’S Method Created by internationally renowned classical guitarist, Maoz Ezra, was proven to work. As classial guitar star Elliot Fisk quoted, “(Maoz’s) various schools and teachers have been flourishing in a time when the arts are facing difficult challenges, proof that he is on to something valuable.”

8 Years Later 

EZRAGUITAR’S Faculty We have grown to now employ one of the largest faculty of classically trained guitarists in the Country teaching the method currently to over 300 students, children and adults, in the Brooklyn Studio, and in schools throughout the metro NYC area 

  • ...It is such a great program that Maoz runs - amazing to see such great results so quickly...

    Emma, Parent at PS 199
  • Maoz Ezra's classes are very well structured. My son...came home and 'performed' for our family after learning the "Old MacDonald" for the first time. This is after just a few 30 minute classes. Maoz is very patient and spends time individually with each child in the class...My son is really gaining a wealth of musical knowledge from this fabulous class.

    Jessica Walsh (Jessica’s son is six years old)
  • My daughter's been in EzraGuitar's afterschool program for 2 years. I would, and DO, recommend any of their programs to friends!

    After School Mom Mom
  • Maoz Ezra's unique method which has been used by a wide variety of schools and teachers, has been flourishing in a time when the arts are facing difficult challenges, proof that he is on to something valuable..."

    Guitar Virtuoso, Eliot Fisk Eliot Fisk
  • The EzraGuitar School is great for getting guitar exposure to children in schools.  The method is simple and straightforward and has kids playing the instrument right away!

  • I am so excited you are moving to Beacon! Welcome! Ezraguitar opened their family business in our old BK neighborhood and provided amazing classes for children and WONDERFUL community events! Can't wait! In Peace,

    Nicole Rowley http://www.thechickensegg.wordpress.com/
  • My son has grown musically after each lesson over 5 years with EzraGuitar. It's helped him in his daily life too, he's more focused and confident! He's been blessed to have such a great teacher to guide him

    Carol, Jalen’s Mom. EzraGuitar student since 2010
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